Understanding the basics of Ecommerce Websites

One of the most common types of websites potential clients ask about are ecommerce sites. As consumers, many of us enjoy the wonders of ecommerce websites in action at places like Amazon, Ebay, and Fandango.

Whether you sell physical or digital products, at the end of the day the goal of any ecommerce website is to process a transaction between a buyer and a seller. While we are at it, it should do a few other things like, keep your customers data safe or add clients to your email newsletter mailing list.

A Powerful WordPress Ecommerce Solution

As one of the most flexible content management systems on the web, WordPress has one of the most robust ecommerce solutions on the market to date in WooCommerce. WooCommerce is highly customizable, flexible, and comes with many prebuilt plugins that extend its functionality. More importantly, it integrates with a variety of payment processors including Paypal, Stripe, and Amazon Payments.

Did you know? WooCommerce powers almost 40% of all ecommerce stores online.

If you market it, they will come

One of the most common misconceptions we see with clients new to ecommerce websites is the idea that most of the project is building the ecommerce site itself. While things such as images, colors, or website style are often the focal point, design can be the easiest part of a project.

We would argue that the biggest portion of the work is marketing the website once it is built.

Digital marketing (including SEO, PPC, and sometimes even Social Media Marketing) is crucial for any business trying to attract qualified leads and clients, and it is even more crucial for ecommerce businesses. Building your digital brand/sales is just as difficult as acquiring customers for more traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Contact JSMT Media to Discuss Your Ecommerce Website

There are many factors to consider when developing an ecommerce website. At JSMT Media, we have worked with a variety of businesses from start-ups to established brands to help develop a successful ecommerce website. We have the ability to understand your digital needs, develop realistic project goals, and most importantly give you a budget tailored to your industry. Contact us today to get started.