In the world of marketing, nothing beats the power of being found by organic search. Customers that find you in this way sought you out and are, on average, much higher quality leads. These are people that are looking to engage. So how do you entice this kind of client to connect with your law office over all the other firms available? The answer is through search engine optimization (SEO). Law firm SEO is an important part of any savvy legal team that wants to attract quality clients.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is basically all about how your site ranks on a search engine like Google. Google is constantly updating the rankings algorithms they use to to better help their users find relevant content. You want to rank as high as possible for keyword phrases relevant to your business such as “criminal defense lawyer nj” or “family law attorney nj.” SEO is the process of organically climbing up the search engine results pages (SERP) to make sure your website is as visible as possible, thus generating more clicks onto your site and more contacts from those clicks.

Why Does My Law Firm Need SEO?

Data has shown that 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine. In addition, 87% of people who contact an attorney go on to hire one and 72% of the time they only look at a single attorney, so you want to make sure that one attorney is you. Law firm SEO can help make that happen. At JSMT Media we specialize in making SEO friendly sites that meet all of these important criteria:

  • Easy to navigate and neatly designed – We make sure that the user experience while browsing your website is a quick and easy as possible. Search engine like easily navigable sites.
  • Mobile responsive – More than 77% of Americans own and use a smartphone, so it is important that your website displays and runs properly on mobile devices.
  • Regularly updated with quality content – We will help keep your website updated with relevant, valuable content to help inform users and improve rankings for desired keywords.
  • Clean backlink profile – A backlink profile is a list of sites that link back to your website. Making sure your profile is filled with strong, legitimate backlinks is a cornerstone of good SEO.
  • Secure and SSL certified – We make websites that are secure and up to date so you and your customers do not have to worry about their data leaking. We can also help set your site up with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification to make sure all data transfers are locked down.

Need More Information About Law Firm SEO?

Making sure you stand out from the crowd of law firms online is important to growing your client list and getting good consistent leads. Contact JSMT Media today to find out more about what law firm SEO can do for you.