Why is Restaurant Web Design Important?

As the internet continues to become the primary source of information for more and more people, it is more important than ever for a restaurant to have a website. If someone is going out to eat, the first thing they will likely do is search Google or Yelp to see what is in their area. When they do, you want your restaurant to show up with a clean, modern, mobile-responsive website to attract customers’ attention. At JSMT Media, we use the most effective and up-to-date restaurant web design techniques to improve your web presence and bring in new business.

Core features of a restaurant web design can include:

  • Mobile responsive layout that works well on desktops, tablets and mobile devices
  • Gallery Page that shows images of menu items and the restaurant itself
  • Downloadable PDF Copies of to-go and catering menus
  • Reservation integration with industry standards like OpenTable
  • Social media & review site integration

What are the Benefits of a Website for my Restaurant?

To show the importance of a restaurant’s website, let’s use beloved Red Bank Mexican restaurant Señor Pepper as an example. They do not have their own website, so anyone searching for their menu on Google will have to trust outside sources. A top Google search result is a PDF menu on a site called Exit 109. It doesn’t look official, and there is no way to tell if it’s accurate. Another result on Google’s front page is from Show Me Menu, which only says that the menu is outdated and unavailable and lists operating hours that differ from Google’s. Conflicting or confusing information like this can hurt a business.

With your own website, you get to control the message. Your customers will be able to browse your official menu, view high-quality pictures of your food, find links to your social media pages, and find out about upcoming events or specials. You can also register your site with industry-specific outlets like OpenTable for more exposure.

Contact us today to Discuss Restaurant Web Design

Without a website for your restaurant, you run the risk of having people with no knowledge of your business advertise for you, and endangering your reputation. At JSMT Media, we create clean, attractive websites that showcase your personal style and make a great first impression to new customers. Contact us today to discuss your restaurant web design options.