Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential component in making sure your digital marketing presence is constantly growing and getting stronger. Having a clean & well designed website is important, but is really just the beginning when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. Having a heavy focus on SEO will give you the upper hand over your competition and will get more traffic to your website. To see how your site stacks up against your competitors, SEO consulting may be just what you need.

Who Are SEO Consulting Services Designed For?

Our SEO consultant services are designed for businesses with in-house design & marketing teams who handle the bulk of digital marketing. We are here to help your team work more effectively, make educated suggestions, and review milestones and goals. In short, our SEO consulting service is designed to help your team work smarter, not harder.

What is the Structure of Our SEO Consulting?

When we begin our consultation, we try to get a broad picture of your SEO practices and then begin breaking down some of the more important elements. We will provide some analytical numbers and data including sales numbers, site visitors, keyword research and a variety of other worthwhile information. We will provide a written report of suggestions for your team to implement SEO better into your digital marketing. This will also pinpoint weaknesses in your current SEO practices. Lastly, we will meet with you and your team for an in-person report and answer any questions you might have. Once all this is completed, you can decide whether you would like to have your in house team continue with the new information or have JSMT Media do SEO work for you.

Types of SEO Consulting Services We Offer

At JSMT Media we offer a variety of SEO consulting services to best fit your business needs & digital marketing goals. Some of the services we offer include:

One Time SEO Consulting – This service would have a JSMT Media expert audit your site and give consulting to any in house digital marketing staff you might have. Backlink analysis and keyword research are just two of the main focuses of an SEO audit. There are a number of simple SEO tricks you can learn in just a few hours.

Monthly SEO Consulting – We work with your in-house team on a monthly basis to chart SEO progress and re-evaluate goals as your business needs change. True SEO work never ends and is constantly evolving. Our monthly SEO Consultant services help you keep pace with the competition.

Custom SEO Consulting – JSMT Media understands that some businesses require different strategies when it comes to SEO. We can created an audit and consulting schedule based on your company’s needs. Hours can also be purchased for JSMT Media to do SEO work for a certain number of hours for a single month.

If you are interested in having an experienced NJ SEO consultant take a look at your business website, contact us today.