Domains, Hosting & Email


Domains, Hosting & Business Email: The Cornerstones of a Website

There are three critical components to every website, each with their own associated cost: domains, hosting, and email. Some web companies try to make money off of their clients by offering them reseller domain, hosting and email solutions. At JSMT Media, we believe that these things are best handled by the premier companies in the industry that specialize in them. A properly managed domain, hosting, and business email should not be done by a small local web company, who end up being nothing more than a middleman.

When you get a website from JSMT Media, we will not charge you anything to setup your domain, hosting and business email, nor will we attempt to provide these services ourselves. There are two major players in the game when it comes to WordPress sites: Google for your domains and email, and WP Engine for your hosting.

This does not mean that JSMT is not here to help you get these things set up; we simply do not look to make money off of it. When it comes to the domain, hosting and email for your company, trust us when we say that you want the big guys handling those things, not your local Mom-and-Pop shop. After all, you don’t want your website going down because someone’s basement server gets flooded.

Google for your Domains and Business Emails

Google leads the way on most technological advances, and when you use a Google product there is a level of quality you know you can expect. Google business emails use the same platform as Gmail, which is the most widely used and user-friendly email service available.

Google Domains offers a clean and easy-to-use place for you to store and manage all of your domains, and from a technical standpoint allows us to easily make necessary updates.

WP Engine for your WordPress Hosting

We’ve worked with a lot of hosting providers and have learned that for WordPress sites, WP Engine provides by far the best hosting experience. They stand head and shoulders above the competition in all of the services they offer:

  • Support: WordPress professionals are on hand 24/7 to answer your questions.
  • Maintenance: Automated daily backups of your site, and regular reports check page speed and performance and provide recommendations.
  • Security: Multiple firewalls to keep your site secure from hackers and other threats, SSL certificates available to any sites at the click of a mouse, and malware scans to detect and eliminate potential problems before they can harm your site.
  • TechnologyEvercache software for unmatched speed and scalability, and cutting edge CDN technology to provide the fastest load times for your site.
  • Innovation: WP Engine has a full time staff of engineers continuously working to push the boundaries of WordPress technology, to you and your company’s benefit.

What are the Costs Associated with a Domain, Hosting, and a Business Email?

  • Google Domains
    • $12 per year for a domain.
    • You may pay more initially to purchase a ‘premium domain,’ or a domain that is already owned and registered by someone. The cost for this can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the specific domain.
    • This cost may vary depending on the domain extension (for example ‘.com’ may cost more than ‘.org.’)
  • Google Business Emails
    • $5 per month per user, with a discount for multiple users.
  • WP Engine
    • $232 for the first year (with discount code), and $290 for each year after.

If you are paying a middleman company more than this for any of these services, you should contact us for a free consultation. If you are paying less than this, you may want to question the quality of your service provider, as these prices are standard and set by the best companies in the industry. The safety, security, and reliability of your website is critical to your business, and it pays to entrust these responsibilities to companies who you know you can rely on.