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Utilizing pay per click advertising (also called PPC advertising) for your business can give you a leg up over the competition. Whereas search engine optimization (SEO) is a slow and steady process, pay per click advertising is able to provide results quickly and consistently. If you haven’t begun using PPC for your business, JSMT Media has the experience and expertise to set up and run your pay per click campaign to target specific demographics and increase the conversions you see from Google.

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Why Choose JSMT Media For Your PPC Needs?

Setup for Google PPC Campaigns
While a pay per click advertising campaign can be set up quickly, it isn’t something you can learn overnight. The JSMT Media team has experience setting up campaigns and optimizing them to get you the best results for your ad spend.

Time & Attention to All Campaigns
It’s not enough to start a campaign and leave it on autopilot. A great pay per click advertising campaign requires care and consideration, which JSMT Media provides for all our clients’ PPC campaigns.

Expertise for Maximizing Your Budget
The JSMT Media team will take the time to research your area of business and find the most competitive keywords to target in your campaign.

Access to Relevant Tools & Analytics
JSMT has the expertise to make use of all the available tools and resources to track our progress and run the most productive possible pay per click advertising campaign.

See What A Current PPC Advertising Client Has To Say About JSMT Media

“Justin, Mike, and their team are the best I have found at digital marketing and web design. They are knowledgeable, professional, and provide a high level of excellent service. Five-star…highly recommended. Thanks guys for all your hard work and a beautiful Zynergy

Ryan Zacharczyk – Zynergy Retirement Planning

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click (commonly called PPC) is a form of internet advertising in which you can place ads on platforms like Google (through Google Adwords) and you only pay when people click on the ad. The goal of pay per click advertising is to determine who your ideal customer is and place an ad where they are most likely to see it.

Pay per click advertising campaigns should not run on autopilot; they require careful monitoring to ensure your money is being well spent. It is important to track your conversion rate, or how many clicks translate into sales. Ideally, pay per click advertising should ultimately pay for itself with the sales that it generates.

Pay Per Click Advertising Through Google Adwords

When people are searching for information on the internet, the vast majority will use Google to find what they are looking for. You’ll see pages and pages of information that Google algorithms have parsed through to hopefully get you the most relevant information. When you enter a search and see results right at the top of the page tagged as an ad, that is Google Adwords at work. These businesses have placed bids on targeted keywords and Google decides which of those ads will provide the most relevant information. A Google Adwords campaign, if properly managed, can provide a higher return on investment than possible with other popular marketing strategies. With all the information Google Adwords provides, it is quick and easy to see which of your campaigns are yielding good results and which need to be tweaked to better target users.

Pay Per Click Advertising: An Ongoing Process

Web development professionals who specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), like our team at JSMT Media, can help you to determine which PPC avenue is the best route for your business and its specific needs. JSMT Media will begin any PPC campaign by trying various strategies, then studying the effects and determining which methods should be further pursued and which can be dropped. We create specialized PPC campaigns for our clients that include monitoring their monthly progress and shaping our approach to PPC on an ongoing basis to evolve with the market.

PPC can be a very helpful internet advertising tool, but even the best tools only work well when you know how to use them. At JSMT Media, we use analytics to study your return on investment in order to make sure that PPC is boosting your business.

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