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Google remarketing lets your business harness the power of the one of the largest ad networks in the world to help project your products and services to the people most likely to engage and buy. Remarketing allows you to send specific ads to past visitors of your site after they have moved on to other parts of the internet. JSMT has the expertise and experience to make your remarketing campaign hit the ground running and flourish into a powerful marketing force for your brand.

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Why Choose JSMT for Your Google Remarketing Campaign?

Custom Ad Creation
We can create ads designed to attract the specific audience you are looking for. Custom images and text can be tailored to suit your brand and message.

Focused Audience Targeting
We can track potential customers’ behavior on your site and target ads accordingly to get them to choose your business.

Time and Attention
It’s not enough to create a campaign and leave it on autopilot. An effective Google remarketing campaign requires care and consideration, which JSMT Media provides for all our clients’ campaigns.

Analytics and Reporting
We will provide detailed reports on your campaign’s performance and conversion rate to make sure your ad spend is being used to its full potential.

What is Remarketing?

Have you ever had a customer that seemed interested in your products or services, yet walked away having bought nothing? It would be nice to advertise to these people once they have left and maybe get them to change their minds or spur them to action. Well, online you can. Past visitors to your website can be reconnected with by sending targeted ads that will show up while they are browsing other sites or doing other things online. This is called remarketing.

So How Do I Take Advantage of Google Remarketing?

Remarketing with Google takes advantage of the Google Display Network, a vast global ad network that works all over the web and across devices. It reaches 90% of internet users worldwide and facilitates over a trillion impressions to those users every month. At JSMT Media, we are experts at creating and managing successful marketing campaigns. We will build a database of users, called an audience, and then create highly targeted ads to attract that audience based on their past visits to your site. We will then track and make adjustments to the ad campaign to promote maximum interest while also creating regular reports on the state and direction of the campaign.

Benefits of Google Remarketing

At JSMT Media, we can help your business launch a powerful, cost effective remarketing campaign that can start converting clicks into sales today.

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