What is a Website’s Conversion Rate?

In digital marketing, the conversion rate of a website is the ratio between all the visitors to the site and those visitors that carried out desirable actions like buying a product or signing up for a newsletter. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a vital part of any online business, as turning visitors into customers is much of the end goal of a website. It is important to design and implement your website with an eye towards creating the best possible conversion rate in order to get the best return on your web investment.

Easy Conversion Rate Improvements

  • A Clear Call to Action – Your call to action (CTA) is a piece of content, like a button, that tries to encourage a visitor to take a desired action. This could be buying a product, filling out a contact form or opting into a service. A CTA should be clear and concise, using language that motivates visitors to take the intended action (e.g., “buy now” or “reserve your table.”) Buttons are preferable to links, as they are enticing to click and are more mobile friendly.
  • A/B Testing – Experimenting with your site in order to find the right look and feel to convert users is called A/B testing. This allows you to run tests that compare the conversion rate of one of multiple test variations against your current page, in order to find what users respond to better. Of particular note is monitoring the performance of your call to action button and headline, as they are the things visitors will interact with first and foremost.
  • Easy to Fill Forms – If you are asking visitors to fill out forms, whether it be to contact you or to sign up for a service you provide, then the process should be simple and nearly effortless. Try to eliminate extraneous fields, as you are more likely to turn someone off if they see a dozen things they need to fill out. You can always ask for more information later.
  • Testimonials – A new visitor to your site generally has little to no relationship with your business. It is important to build trust and authority in the eyes of users if you want them to really engage with you. One of the best ways to do this is with testimonials. Getting unbiased third parties to recommend your product or service is a great way to increase credibility in the eyes of new customers and prime them to connect with you.
  • Clear, Concise Content – Make sure to use clear, direct language when explaining what you do and what you are offering. Avoid jargon and hype based content.
  • Dedicated Landing Pages for Ads – If you have pay per click (PPC) ads you should make sure they have dedicated landing pages. These pages should be consistent with the ad they click on to provide a smooth entry onto your site and minimal distractions from the main call to action.

Looking For More Information About Conversion Rates?

Turning visitors into customers can be a tricky business. Contact our team at JSMT Media in order to learn more about conversion rates and optimizing your site.