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Google Ads Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Google Ads require verification?

    Currently, Google is only requiring accounts that have received a notification to complete their verification process. If you have not received the verification notification, it doesn’t hurt to get ahead of the process and begin working to get verified. Learn more from our Guide to the Google Ads Advertiser Verification Process.

  • Can I target by demographics?

    Yes, Google allows you to target an audience based on age, gender, location, or other attributes.

  • How do I know how my campaign is doing?

    You will have access to a report detailing our work and your website's traffic analytics and any paid advertising campaigns. At the end of each month, you can schedule a call to review the progress of your campaign and plan for the upcoming months.

  • Are you a Google Certified partner?

    Yes, we have passed the Google Ads certification exams and are up to date on the latest trends and information regarding Google Ads.

  • What are Google Search/Display Ads?

    Google Search Ads are text ads that appear above and below organic Google search results and are priced at a cost per click basis. Google Display Ads contain text and images and are placed on a wide range of websites and apps.

  • How much does it cost to run a campaign?

    The cost of a Google Ads campaign depends on your goals, budget, and industry competitiveness. During our consultation, we can gather information and recommend a budget for Google Ads.

  • Do you outsource work?

    No. JSMT Media stands by its commitment to quality, which is why every aspect of our projects stay 100% in-house. We never outsource work.

  • Will you make me sign an ongoing contract?

    No. At JSMT Media, we do not believe in holding our clients to long-term contracts.

  • Where can I show Google ads?

    Google Ads can be shown in organic search results (Search Ads) as well as on the Google Display Network, made up of over two million websites and 650,000 apps.

  • What is Remarketing?

    Remarketing lets you target past visitors with Display ads to keep your business fresh in their minds while they browse the internet.

  • How involved am I in this process?

    You can be as involved in your campaign as you would like to be. It is completely up to you how much of an active role you would like. However, we usually find that we have very successful relationships with clients that keep us in the loop on the latest developments in their business.