The legal industry is very competitive. No matter what branch of law you practice, such as family law, criminal law, or foreclosure law, you will have competitors in your area. The internet has become the average consumer’s primary means of finding legal help, so it is important to have a legal marketing plan to stand out from the crowd and have a website you can draw traffic to.

Making a Diverse Legal Marketing Plan

The two cornerstones of legal marketing are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Each have their pros and cons. SEO can create rankings that last for years, but takes patience and time. PPC costs money on a daily basis, but creates overnight results. When starting your legal marketing campaign, it is important to use a combination of both. PPC advertising can bring you fast leads while your SEO campaign build a lasting presence.

Are My Legal Directory Subscriptions Worth It?

If you are listed in a legal directory such as Findlaw, Avvo, or, you may think you do not need your own website. However, owning your site and of all of its content is crucial to law firm marketing, and will help your Google rankings significantly. If you are on the fence about renewing your listing, ask yourself a simple question: What exactly am I being billed for each month and what results do I have to show for it? Being in control of your site’s content allows you to strategize for the specific results you want.

Don’t Let Your Legal Marketing Get Stagnant

One of the worst mistakes that can be made in law firm marketing is to create a great site with original content, and then ignore it. Your site should have new content every month, tailored to the keywords you want to rank for. Think about the client leads you are currently getting. Are you getting a lot of calls about, for example, foreclosure and want to strengthen that client base? Are you not getting calls about other areas of law you practice and want to draw in new clients for those areas? Legal marketing it is an ongoing process that requires careful thought and planning.

At JSMT Media, we have helped a variety of New Jersey law firms achieve legal marketing success through a combination of SEO, PPC, and original content. Contact us today to discuss which law firm marketing options are right for you.