WordPress Hosting


What is WordPress Hosting?

Website hosting is a simple concept. Think of your website as a house. The website host is like the foundation the house sits on. In terms of a website, the host is the computer server that your site runs off of. Just like you don’t want a house with a bad foundation, you shouldn’t settle for poor or mediocre website hosting services for the important job of keeping your site up and running.

So Who Should I Go To For WordPress Hosting?

Every site needs a website host. At JSMT Media, we have worked with many of the biggest website hosting providers on the market and we have found that one company stands above all the others when it comes to hosting WordPress sites like the ones we create. WP Engine is a website hosting company that works exclusively with WordPress and is the fasting and most secure provider we have worked with.

Hosting With WP Engine and JSMT Media

WP Engine offers multiple WordPress hosting plans at a variety of price points, starting with the basic Startup level. This get you the following benefits:

  • Support – Access to 24/7 live chat support and excellent customer service.
  • Security – WP Engine run their owns high quality security, so there is no need for your website to have security plugins. They also offer free and paid SSL certificates to make sure your data transfers are safe.
  • Speed – WP Engine’s EverCache and CDN technology keeps your site running fast and smooth, which will help retain customers and improve SEO.
  • Storage and Bandwidth – Starting at local storage of 10 gigabytes and 50 gigabytes of bandwidth.
  • Staging – WP Engine offers a free staging area for sites so new designs can be tested and implemented without the need of a maintenance screen or any down time on your current site.
  • Automated Backups – WP Engine creates daily automatic site backups in case the unthinkable happens and your site breaks or is hacked.

At JSMT Media we have a Premium plan with WP Engine and which allows us to run site off of our dedicated server. With this upgraded service, you also get added benefits including:

  • Discounted Pricing – We offer access to our server at lower than Startup level prices.
  • JSMT Support – We will act as a line of support for your website in our capacity as professional web developers.
  • Free Setup – JSMT will handle the technical website hosting setup at no additional cost to you.
  • Phone Support – Gain access to WP Engine’s outstanding 24/7 phone support.
  • Improved Scalability – Our increased bandwidth allows our sites to better handle traffic spikes without a loss in page load speed.

In summary, you are getting all the benefits of a personal plan plus all the extra services provided by JSMT Media and the added benefits of a premium plan. All at a lower cost!

Pricing Breakdown

  • Standard Price: $35/month or $420/year
  • Discounted Yearly Price (2 months free): $29/month or $350/year
  • JSMT Discount (additional 2 months free): $23/month or $280/year
  • Total Savings: 33% – $140/year
  • Additional Cost Savings
    • Free SSL: $100/year
    • Free Security: $100/year
    • Less time spent on website maintenance: $100+/year

What About Domains and Business Email?

Setting up domains and business emails can be a complex process. We recommend you save yourself a ton of hassle and use Google. Google Domains for domains and G Suite Business Solutions for emails are among the best and simplest options and we wholeheartedly advocate that our clients choose them for their needs.