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Often forgotten and overlooked, hosting is one of the most important parts of any website. Choosing the right hosting company to keep your site up and running can literally make or break your website or SEO campaign. With a WordPress website, hosting becomes an even larger part of the equation. Security and speed are primary concerns of any WordPress based website. At JSMT Media, we offer WordPress hosting services through WP Engine, the most reliable website hosting provider on the market when it comes to support, speed, and security.

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Why Choose JSMT Media For Your WordPress Hosting Needs?

Free Hosting Setup
JSMT Media will handle the technical website hosting setup at no additional cost to you.

Discounted Pricing
We offer access to our dedicated hosting server at lower than Startup level prices.

Superior Technical Support
WP Engine offers US-based phone support 24 hours a day, plus a great live chat feature.

Multilevel Security
Firewalls, free SSL certificates, and malware scans to keep your site secure from hackers and other threats before they can harm your site.

Improved Website Speed
WP Engine’s hosting technology keeps your site running fast and smooth, which will help retain customers and improve SEO.

Routine Maintenance
Automated daily backups of your site, and regular reports check page speed and performance and provide recommendations.

See What A Past WordPress Hosting Client Has to Say About JSMT Media

“JSMT has taken our business to a whole new level. Not only is web hosting, design and management their forte, but as a small business, it’s probably our greatest point of difference vs. other small businesses like ours. People rave about the functionality, design and its high-level yet simple navigational ability all the time. As a small business trying to scale to new heights, we’d highly recommend reaching out to them. All our thanks go to Justin and Mike at JSMT. We can’t refer them enough because of their turn around time, ability, fairness and price – you can’t beat it.”

Evan Swan – The Swan Brothers

What is WordPress Hosting?

Website hosting is a simple concept. Think of your website as a house. The website host is like the foundation the house sits on. In terms of a website, the host is the computer server that your site runs off of. Just like you don’t want a house with a bad foundation, you shouldn’t settle for poor or mediocre website hosting services for the important job of keeping your site up and running.

So Who Should I Go To For WordPress Hosting?

Every site needs a website host. At JSMT Media, we have worked with many of the biggest website hosting providers on the market and we have found that one company stands above all the others when it comes to hosting WordPress sites like the ones we create. WP Engine is a website hosting company that works exclusively with WordPress and is the fastest and most secure provider we have worked with.

Hosting With WP Engine and JSMT Media

WP Engine offers multiple WordPress hosting plans at a variety of price points, starting with the basic Startup level. This gets you the following benefits:

At JSMT Media we have a Premium plan with WP Engine which allows us to run your site off of our dedicated server. With this upgraded service, you also get added benefits including:

In summary, you are getting all the benefits of a personal plan plus all the extra services provided by JSMT Media and the added benefits of a premium plan. All at a lower cost!

Pricing Breakdown

What About Domains and Business Email?

Setting up domains and business emails can be a complex process. We recommend you save yourself a ton of hassle and use Google. Google Domains for domains and G Suite Business Solutions for emails are among the best and simplest options and we wholeheartedly advocate that our clients choose them for their needs.

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