Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Climb the Rankings

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical part of digital marketing, and one of our specialties at JSMT Media. SEO is so important to the fabric of the internet that you actually see the results of it every day, even if you don’t realize it.

For example, let’s say you need to buy some flowers. The first thing you will likely do is search Google for florists near you. You’ll click on the top result, find out the shop’s hours, phone number, and address on their website, and either make plans to go to the shop or order online. That particular flower shop got your business because of SEO, the process of getting a website to organically rank higher on Google searches.

How Does SEO Work?

Google is far and away the largest and most influential search engine on the internet, and they stay that way by constantly updating their ranking algorithms. Having broken or poor-quality websites rank on the first page of search results hurts their users’ experience and tarnishes their reputation, so they find new ways to judge sites and rank them accordingly on a regular basis. When they examine a website, they ask questions such as:

  • Is this site clean and easy to navigate?
  • Is this site mobile-responsive, meaning it works properly on tablets and smartphones?
  • Does this site have relevant, valuable content?
  • Does this site have a profile of other respectable websites linking back to it?
  • It this site regularly updated with new content, or is it stagnant?

An SEO-friendly site will meet all of these criteria. SEO is the process of making a website meet Google’s high standards of quality so that they will rank it higher on their search results.

So What Will You Actually Do?

You might be wondering what JSMT Media will specifically do to improve your site’s SEO value. Some of the SEO methods we use for our monthly clients include:

  • Keyword Research: Each month, we will research which keywords your customers are searching for on Google and how you compare to your competitors in those search results. This will help us identify any weaknesses in your current web presence.
  • Content Creation: Once we have done this research, we will create quality, SEO-friendly content for your site, such as new pages or blog posts, to help improve your rankings for the desired keywords. We value input from our clients on what content their site needs based on the customer leads they are getting.
  • Backlink Campaigns: A strong backlink profile, or list of sites that link back to your website, is an important part of SEO. Low-quality or irrelevant backlinks can hurt your site’s rankings, so we take steps to secure only legitimate links, and identify and disavow any potentially harmful ones.
  • Site Health Checks: We run various tests to identify any issues with your site that could affect its ranking potential, and correct them.
  • Monthly Meetings: We will sit down with you each month to discuss how your site is doing and how it can continue to improve. We believe that collaboration with our clients is an important part of a site’s success.

The JSMT Media Difference

SEO is not an overnight process; it takes time and careful planning. Some SEO companies will make promises of top Google rankings using ‘secret methods’ that are in reality unethical, ‘black hat’ SEO methods that Google will quickly discover and penalize. Attempting to trick Google can hurt your ranking potential or get you dismissed from their rankings entirely.

At JSMT Media, we use only ‘white hat’ SEO methods that are effective, ethical, and sanctioned by Google. We believe that following correct, legitimate SEO methods from the beginning will have long-term positive effects. We are proud of our reputation and value honesty and transparency with our clients. Contact us today to discuss how we can help improve your web presence and bring in new business. If you already have an in-house design and marketing team, we offer SEO consulting services to check your progress and help steer your team in the right direction.

All of our SEO Services Package Include:


  • Google Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Analysis


  • New Pages & Blog Posts
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Directory Listings


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google PageSpeed


  • Live Website Backups
  • Website Security Updates
  • Website Backend Updates