Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising


PPC: An Overview

Pay per click (more commonly called PPC) is a form of internet advertising. Through PPC, you can place ads on platforms like Google and Facebook, and you only pay when people click on the ad.

When advertising with PPC, it is important to track your conversion rate–meaning, how many clicks translate into sales. PPC advertising should ultimately pay for itself with the sales that it incites. It is always a good idea to call in some PPC experts to help.

Google and Facebook: the Most Important PPC Platforms

Google processes an average of over 40,000 searches per secondHalf of the global online population uses Facebook, and 65% of those users log into Facebook every day. Clearly, Google and Facebook are incredibly useful, even necessary advertising platforms for today’s businesses.

Google and Facebook PPC Advertising: Apples and Oranges

Facebook advertising and Google advertising offer different types of benefits. Depending on your business and its needs, you may use either Facebook PPC or Google PPC, or both.

Google targets your ad to users who are specifically searching for your services. With Facebook PPC advertising, your ad will appear to people who are not necessarily proactively searching for your services, but who are part of a very targeted demographic. For example, you can choose the age and gender of those who see your ad, or even the time of day at which it is posted. While Google automatically targets people who are interested in your business, with PPC on Facebook, you can directly target a demographic that you think will have a high interest in your business.

The choice of whether you should choose PPC advertising on Facebook or Google (or both) rests in the specific nature of your business and the types of visitors that you want to drive to your website. If you are a locksmith, for example, advertising on Facebook would probably not be the best choice for you, because most people are not going to see an ad for a locksmith and decide to seek that person’s business on a whim. Once someone is standing outside of a locked house, searching empty pockets, that’s when it’s time to whip out a smartphone and Google “locksmiths in Red Bank, NJ.”

PPC is an Ongoing Process

Web development professionals who specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), like our team at JSMT Media, can help you to determine which PPC avenue is the best route for your business and its specific needs. JSMT Media will begin any PPC campaign by trying various strategies, then studying the effects and determining which methods should be further pursued and which can be dropped. We create specialized PPC campaigns for our clients that include monitoring their monthly progress and shaping our approach to PPC on an ongoing basis to evolve with the market.

PPC can be a very helpful internet advertising tool, but the best tools only work well when you know how to use them. At JSMT Media, we use analytics and study your return on investment in order to make sure that PPC is boosting your business.

If you are interested in conducting a PPC campaign and are looking for some expert guidance, contact us.

All of our PPC Management Packages Include:


  • Research Keyword
  • Research Competitor
  • Analysis Market Analysis


  • Unique Targeted Ads
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Website Call-to-Action


  • Google Analytics
  • Click Through Rates
  • Contact Conversions


  • Advanced Research
  • Custom Incorporation
  • Monthly Reports